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About Mazatlan Building & Design

Building, remodeling or designing a home can be a huge challenge, doing all of this in Mexico makes it even bigger! It’s nothing to be afraid of though and this is where we come in, we are professionals and experts with U.S. education and 30+ years construction and design experience plus working over 10 years in Mexico. We love Mazatlan and we love the challenge of creating perfect homes here. Comprehending and knowing the differences between the two countries construction wise, speaking the language and having a perfected understanding of our clients needs and expectations is what sets us apart from the rest. Mazatlan Building & Design is well known for these qualites and that is what makes us perfect for your project. Our goal is to give you the confidence to make the dreams about your Mexican home a reality, and make it perfect in the process!


James Goodman

CEO and founder of Mazatlan Construction

Jim was a residential and commercial contractor in Denver, CO for 24 years. Whether it’s a new home from the ground up or a custom kitchen remodel, Jim starts by listening to the client.

Lindsay Goodman

Project Leader

Lindsay has a BS in Interior Design and has been working in Mexico for 10 years, completely bilingual and has an exceptional eye for detail. A personalized design is what makes a house the perfect dream home.