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Renovation of a 3-story apartment building Costa Azul

The project: take a 40 year old building and completely rehabilitate it. This was a professional challenge for us and our team. Our clients began with a 3 story apartment building + roof top, and gave us the task of creating a family home with the liveable and usable spaces divided up between the different levels. Our first step after creating a design not only for the facade but the entire interior of the building was to completly demolish the inside on each level. We removed all of the gas lines and components and transformed the building to only electric. 3 New bedrooms, 3 new bathrooms, new windows, all new finishes, custom kitchen and BBQ area, structural balcony extensions and a new stairwell to access the incredible roof top garden and lounge area with spectaular ocean views. It took us less than 1 year to complete this project and our clients could not be happier. Join us through the journey and experience of this project, please enjoy our photos.